Experience and philosophy

La Escandella’s growth rate, as well as the success of the projects carried out in these last years, confirm the upward trend of a corporate group with the capacity of becoming one of the leading companies in Innovation and R&D in the sector in short period of time. In little more than ten years, La Escandella has become the leading company in the national market. Its growth has consolidated on the development of new products adaptable to the requirements, environment and lifestyle of each one of the markets where the company is active in.

As a principle and from the very beginning, LA ESCANDELLA has constantly included the latest appearing technological innovations in the manufacturing process. Thanks to these measures, the company has the most advanced installations in the market with an utterly automated manufacturing process leading to one of the greatest output capacity on a worldwide scale.

Two of the tile factories with the highest manufacturing capacity worldwide are owned by La Escandella. This allows us quickly and flexibly to meet the requirements of the markets where our company operates. This may be easily proved by our capacity to meet the agreed deadlines in the supply of our product regardless of the location in the big-scale projects can be observed.

Our factories are one of the main reasons for the quick increase in sales. Rigorous and constant quality control checks are carried out on each piece throughout the manufacturing process. The tiles manufactured by La Escandella exceed the International Standards for the ceramic industry New designs meeting the real market needs and requirements are constantly created; pieces are specifically developed regarding the project climate, country and requirements.

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Visum3 Tile

Visum3 is a patented interlocking tile with an innovative triple cambered design that gives the appearance of three traditional plain tiles side by side when laid.

Visum3 Tile -

A= 18 1/2"

B= 11.00"

C= 1.38"

Mixed 'S' Roof Tile Large 

A double curvature mixed roof tile where eaves and ridge tiles assure design and functionality to provide easy-to-install roofs with the special characteristic beauty of the Mediterranean roofs.

A= 18 1/2"

B= 11.26"

C= 2.36"


Curved Roof Tile T4 RED

This roof tile is the most commonly used throughout Spain. It has been re-used for new houses due to the beauty colours improving along the years.

A= 15.6"

B= 7.16"

C= 5.12"

Cocoa Grey Burgundy Lucentum Brown Slate Red Jaspee Red Pepper Cocoa Blackstone

 Galaxy             Gray                Burgandy       Lucentum        Brown             Slate                Red                 Jaspee Red   Pepper            Cocoa            Blackstone

Planum Lucentum Planum Pizarra Slate2 Planum Pizarra Slate

Planum Tile

Its design and size make the installation easier and faster, lowering installation time and cost. Planum tile, available in several colours and finishes, it is a solution where aesthetical and functionality are combined to provide a versatile roof of unprecedented simplicity and elegance.

Planum Tile -

A= 17.72"

B= 11.00"

C= 1.26"

Flat Roof Tile

A versatile and easy-to-fit roof tile, as it can be installed by forming columns. As there are bigger pieces, the installation and material costs are consequently reduced with no negative effect on the elegance and durability of this kind of roofing material.

A= 18.32"

B= 10.24"

C= 2.16"

 Brown Red Mediterranea Burnt Ochre Amber Haze