Reclaimed Buckingham Slate

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Of all of our offerings, a Reclaimed Buckingham is my absolute favorite roof to sell. The reason it is my
favorite, is because everybody wins when this selection is made for a roof. The original building owner
wins because we pay them for materials that might otherwise end up in the landfill with a dump fee.
The earth wins, because we keep an average of ten to fifty tons of material out of the land fill every time
we buy a reclaimed roof. Society wins, because we take what would have been a burden and turn it into
a sales taxable item, sending money into the communities involved in the sale. The new owner of the
old roof wins, because they get an instant “experienced” one of a kind roof at a significant savings over
new material. Reclaimed roofs have already been outside for an average of fifty to one hundred years,
so this exposure takes the edge off the stark cold colors of new material. Earth tones develop, and help
the roof blend , exhibiting instant heritage on day one. We do not know how long these roofs will last,
because-frankly, America is not old enough. I personally have held Buckingham slates in excess of 100
years old, and they exhibit absolutely no signs of slowing down after 100 years exposed in the elements.
So, yes-it’s quite possible that they will last another 100 years or longer.

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