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Worth Partners with SlateTec Lightweight Slate System!

April 7, 2017
There is no better way to increase the value of your investment on a home or building than making a major improvement to the property. The roof is clearly in that category. If it's time to replace that old cedar shake roof or even asphalt shingles, you should consider the benefits of slate - the most elegant (yet durable) route you can take. But, installing a traditional slate roof can pose a few problems with structural parameters and expenses. SlateTec is the solution! Our patented installation design allows for maximum slate beauty with minimum material used. SlateTec makes it possible to now have a genuine slate roof in the design phase of a new home without adding the extra materials for the structural upgrades that would normally be needed to carry the weight.
At SlateTec, we make the well-established benefits of a slate roof available to the broadest range of projects ever. We have developed an approach to slate roof installation that dramatically reduces the amount of slate needed - typically 40% less! That means 40% less slate AND 40% less weight. Consider the implications to materials cost for slate and supporting structure! And there is no compromise in quality. In fact, we provide only premium S-1 Slate!
Chances are, you're visiting because you already know the value of a slate roof. Thank you for visiting! Now let us show you and your roofing contractor why SlateTec is the world's best genuine slate roof. Contact us here or call us today at 704-661-7709.


International Roofing Expo 2017 - Las Vegas

March 6, 2017
Worth Supply is a proud sponsor of the Slate Roofing Contractors Association and participated in the SRCA booth at the IRE!  Thanks to all that made this event a success!  Through the support of all the sponsors, the SRCA has continued the fight in making slate roofing mainstream again!  

Thanks to Chris and his brother for roofing all day on Wednesday and Thursday!

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Nemeon Annual Meeting a Success

February 22, 2017
Thanks to Andi and Dave for a wonderful event in Palm Springs this past week.  Attendance was great and the response the Worth's offerings were exciting to say the least.  Thank you to the speakers/presenters/ and staffer for all of their hard work.  It seemed seamless, but we know that the effort was difficult.  Thanks again Nemeon for being the best Roofing and Siding Coop in the US!

Thanks to all!
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Worth Kart Team cranks up for season 2 in the 903

February 6, 2017
Another Worth Racing season is upon us.  Justin Mann's rookie season was a relative success, as he came home 11th in points out of 50+ karts.  This season, a top 5 in points is the goal.  Follow us from opening day through December to see how your favorite "karter" is performing on the track.  

Thanks from Justin!!!  
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La Escandella Gaining Momentum

February 6, 2017
24 months ago, Worth set out to introduce La Escandella to the Carolina's and the Southeast.  Today, we are pleased to announce that La Escandella is gaining momentum and fast.  Only 5 weeks into 2017, and there are 3 orders in the system with more to come. Check out La Escandella at
Check out this beautiful project from Murr and Laney in Charlotte this past year!  

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