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Saving the Planet While Roofing

Posted by Justin Mann on Thursday, March 10, 2016 Under: Euroshiled
The roofing industry has not been the most environmentally friendly trade in the last century.  With all the different products manufactured not being able to hold up to mother nature, over 11 million tons of shingles get put into our landfills every year.  Most roofing companies do not recycle because of the fees associated or the travel time to find a recycle center that will accept the products.  This is changing though.  Newer companies such as Euroshield Roofing have started making actual life time products.  These products will stand up against the worst storm mother nature can bring.  Not only are the sturdy and beautiful, they are made from recycled tires.  An average roof can pull over a 1,000 tires out of a landfill.  Companies like Carolina Ninja Windows and Roofing are specializing in these types of installs.  Euroshield will bring the class of the traditional slate look back to your while saving the environment all in one!  Check out to see pictures of current jobs that were installed in the Carolinas.

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