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Spanish Slate now in Stock at Worth

Posted by Justin Mann on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Under: slate

SSQ Domiz slate is carved from the Cabrera mountains in north-west Spain, and hand split specially for SSQ and Worth Supply.  It's rich blue-grey overtones, coupled with a deep, bold texture, give you a stunning finish every time.  Domiz achieves excellent results when tested to the BS EN 12326 achieving the all-important "A1-T1-S1" classification. It has also tested to the rigorous Belgium Standard STS 34.03.6.  SSQ Domiz also complies with the arduous Norm Francais (NF 228), which has the strictest slate testing criteria and procedures in the world.  Simply unbelievable quality at a VERY believable price!

Contact or call 704-882-9931 to request samples.

20X10 and 20XR at the port now!!!  Over 150 sq's of 20's now available for your next project!

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