La Escandella Clay Tile Roofing

We import our clay tiles directly from Spain. We offer an exciting color palette to suit your needs. We
offer high profile mission and Spanish S tiles, as well as many lower profile flat tiles in a variety of shapes
and colors.

Mixed 'S' Roof Tile Large 

A double curvature mixed roof tile where eaves and ridge tiles assure design and functionality to provide easy-to-install roofs with the special characteristic beauty of the Mediterranean roofs.


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Large S Spanish Dimensions


a 18.5 "

b 11.26 "

c 2.95 "

Selectum Roof Tile Large S

Selectum is a traditional aesthetic tile with klinker quality and variable assembly steps. It incorporates the FlexiLock system, which allows a great ease of placement and adaptability. The number of tiles per square meter can range between 11 and 14 tiles.


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Selectum Large S Clay Tile La Escandella


a 18.42 "

b 11.02 "

Visum3 Tile

Visum3 is a patented interlocking tile with an innovative triple cambered design that gives the appearance of three traditional plain tiles side by side when laid.


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Visim 3 Clay Tile Dimensions


a 11.oo "

b 18.54 "

c 1.38 "



Its design and size make the installation easier and faster, lowering installation time and cost. Planum tile, available in several colours and finishes, it is a solution where aesthetical and functionality are combined to provide a versatile roof of unprecedented simplicity and elegance.


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Planum Clay Tile Dimensions


a 17.48 "

b 11.02 "

c 1.26 "

Tejas Curved Tile

This tile has been the most used throughout the Spanish geography, reused for the construction of new homes for the beauty of its colors achieved with the natural passage of time.


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Mission Clay Tile Dimensions


a 15.60 "

b 7.16 "

c 5.00 "


Flat Roof Tile

A versatile and easy-to-fit roof tile. As there are bigger pieces, the installation and material costs are consequently reduced, enhancing the elegance and durability of this kind of roof tile.

French Clay Tile Dimensions


a 18.34 "

b 10.24 "

c 2.16 "